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Today cybersecurity concerns are valid for every business. The number of threats, attacks, and regulations is growing every day. That’s why it is essential to be on top of that and secure the company’s data and network with the most advanced measures. Surely, not every business has the means to hire a top-level security professional in-house. We offer advanced consulting on terms that are comfortable for you. We offer flexible work models, such as full-time and part-time engagement. It means that clients only pay for the services they need. We offer access to a wide talent pool of excellent cyber security consultants from Eastern Europe that can help your business to safeguard itself. Collaboration with a remote cybersecurity consultant helps to prevent any risks and accidents while focusing on the core of your business.

Projects and Tasks Cyber Security Consultants Can Help With

Experienced cybersecurity professionals assist with a wide range of issues a business might face.

The most common tasks cybersecurity experts deal with are:
  • Design and implementation of overall cybersecurity strategy of a business, which aligns with its particular needs, objectives, and goals;
  • Protection of internal and external systems, networks, infrastructures, and data against potential threats;
  • Proactive approach that focuses on prevention of any accidents and risks;
  • Integration of new systems and tools into existing infrastructure;
  • Collaboration with in-house departments on cybersecurity strategy and the preventive measures;
  • Analysis of existing strategy and tools, advice on upgrades, and implementation of more advanced measures;
  • Performing regular security checks and risks assessment to make sure the system works without any errors;
  • Definition of validation procedures and upgrading them according to new developments or arising threats;
  • Fast response in case of a data breach or an accident to minimize the possible damages;
  • Design fast response policies and actions that should be taken immediately in case of any incident;
  • Compliance with local and international cybersecurity regulations like GDPR, PCI, or HIPAA;
  • Provision of product-specific consultancy on how to make it secure in all regards;
  • Consultancy of employees on new procedures and measures as well as cyber threats that can compromise the system.

Steps to Hire a Cyber Security Consultant

State Your Requirements

Tell our team what you are looking for in a professional.

Review CVs of Consultants

We find the best candidates for you to choose from.

Invite the Best for an Interview

Conduct interviews with the most suitable experts to know more about their expertise.

Start the Cooperation

We sign the contract with you and cooperation with the chosen cybersecurity consultant starts.

Tasks and Responsibilities of
Cyber Security Consultants

  • Assess the existing protection system and test it for risks;
  • Draft the plan for upgrading the security system;
  • Control the implementation of new tools to protect infrastructure, systems, and sensitive data;
  • Creation of a cyber security strategy according to your specific business activity;
  • Risks management and regular testing of the system;
  • Routine updates based on new arising threats;
  • Management of compliance with international and local cyber security regulations and policies;
  • Design the architecture of protection for a specific product business is working on (web platform or a mobile application);
  • Establish cyber security procedures and validation process criteria;
  • Collaboration with in-house IT department on fixing safety issues and errors.
Consulting Services We Offer

We offer 2 key ways of hiring cybersecurity consultants: for full-time and part-time, depending on your business needs.

Part-time consultancy from a senior-level cybersecurity consultant

If you need help with a particular problem or project, you might opt for part-time consultancy. It is a flexible collaboration model where you get to work with a senior-level professional only when you need it. It is perfect for small businesses and start-ups that do not have the resources to have in-house or full-time expertise of this sort. A client only pays for hours of professional work on their project, which allows accessing advanced consulting while saving the budget.

Full-time dedicated cybersecurity consultant

The full-time services of a dedicated consultant are perfect for businesses that want to power up their team. In this case, an expert will work exclusively with your company making sure that all security issues are taken care of and the system is on the top level. This ensures a high level of protection and constant access to top-level expertise.

If you are in need of advanced cyber security consulting, reach out to us today!
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